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Supreme Protein Porridge Blissful Double Chocolate – 600g

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High Performance Nutrition! No more buying lots of separate and often expensive ingredients. The perfect protein porridge in one amazing pack at great value! That Protein’s Blissful Double Choc Protein Porridge is a delicious blend of organic oats, plant protein, raw cacao, cacao nibs and energising palmyra nectar. High in plant protein, fibre and energising B Vitamins and a great source of iron, magnesium and more. Independently tested this Low FODMAP protein oats is IBS friendly. Add your favourite warm milk for a blissful chocolate protein porridge or use cold milk and pop in the fridge for overnight oats. Experiment and add to smoothies! Vegan nutrition at it's best!

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Add warm milk for a classic chocolate protein porridge or cold for overnight oats. Experiment and add to smoothies! Vegan nutrition at its best! Serving size 60g.


Ingredients list for this product (page 1 of 2)
IngredientAmount Per Serving%DV
Organic Oats
Organic Plant Protein
Organic Raw Cacao
Organic Cacao Nibs
Organic Palmyra Nectar

600g Pack

Gluten Free. High in plant protein. High in fibre. Dairy free. Vitamins and Minerals.

Dairy Free, Organic, No Refined Sugars, No Added Flavours, Vegan, High In Protein,

No Sweeteners, High in Vits B1, B2 &B3.

*not suitable for children.


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